Is my bus stop busy?

3 years ago Thu 18th Jun 2020

Following the success of capacity reporting on board our buses, we’ve now added a feature to our website which allows customers to update information about how busy their bus stop is.

This feature allows customers to state whether the bus stop is busy, moderate or quiet so that other passengers can decide on the best time to travel. 

It only takes a few seconds to update the information.  Simply click on your bus stop on either the timetable page or live departures page, and tap ‘Let other passengers know’.  The information will be available for 15 minutes, unless another customer updates the bus stop status within this time. 

This tool is currently only available on our website, but will be included on our app soon.

Why not help out fellow passengers and let them know if your bus stop is busy next time you’re waiting for the bus?

Find out more about our bus capacity checker here.

bus stop quiet example