Conditions of Carriage


These are our conditions of Carriage which:

Set out the conditions under which we carry customers and their property

  • Are in compliance with Statutory regulations
  • Set out the responsibilities of our customers

These conditions are subject to change from time to time and the updated version will be placed onto our website at  These conditions were prepared and reviewed on the 7th April 2022.
When you buy a ticket or alight on one of our buses (whichever the earlier) you enter into an agreement with us.   These conditions govern the contract between you and us.  When using our services you are deemed to have agreed to these conditions and to abide by and observe all regulations set out in these conditions.


Although we make every effort to maintain the bus services shown on our timetables, we reserve the right to alter, suspend, withdraw or vary the route of any vehicle or service and to alter any timetable without prior notice. We do not give any guarantee that our vehicles shall operate a service at the time set out in our timetable or at all nor that our vehicles arrive at the times specified in our timetable, or at all.


We value our customers and aim to achieve an excellent level of service at all times.   We aim to ensure that you have a safe, comfortable journey on a clean, well-maintained vehicle and that you will be treated with respect and dignity whilst you are on board our buses.   
For your safety, crime prevention and insurance purposes all our vehicles are fitted with CCTV (with accompanying voice recording within the platform area), and we comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and the CCTV Code of Practice.  CCTV recordings from Company vehicles may be passed to the police to be used as evidence in prosecuting criminal activity.
Recordings may also be disclosed to other relevant third parties, such as insurance companies.  Any such disclosure will be in compliance with the Data Protection Act.

Conduct of customers

Our employees have the right to refuse entry to a customer, or request a customer to leave our buses or premises at any time.  Requests are usually made due to customer behaviour or for health and safety reasons. 

When travelling on board our buses you must not:-

  • Behave in a manner which is abusive or threatening
  • Cause offence to our employees or other customers
  • Eat or drink items which make the environment unpleasant or hazardous for other customers or otherwise cause offence
  • Smoke  (At any time in any part of a Cardiff Bus vehicle or carry any lit pipe, cigar, type of cigarette, match or lighter on the bus; this includes e-cigarettes as this may inconvenience other passengers or cause them to think that smoking is permitted on Cardiff Bus vehicles)
  • Drink alcohol, take drugs or solvents, or be under the influence of these substances
  • Distract the driver in any way from his normal duties
  • Obstruct any emergency exits, normal exits and entries
  • Wilfully damage, deface, soil or otherwise misuse any fixture, fitting or other part of the vehicle
  • Take part in any criminal activity
  • Discriminate against our employees or fellow passengers on the grounds of disability, gender, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation
  • Play a musical instrument or equipment, mobile phone, or any other electronic device which may cause annoyance
  • Leave litter or discard items.

This list is not exhaustive, and we expect our customers to have respect for each other and follow any guidance, advice and instructions given by our employees. In the event of a serious breach of conduct, or persistent breaches of conduct, the company reserves the right to levy a permanent ban on travel on its buses.
We will prosecute anyone who we believe to have behaved in an illegal way.

Fares and tickets

When you board a bus you must either

  • Pay the fare for the journey you intend to take whether requested to do so or not
  • Show the driver a valid ticket, pass, or other form of authority to travel which the driver will check to confirm its validity for the journey you are making
  • Present your ‘iff’ card
  • Present your Cardiff Bus app ticket - For app user guide click here please note that only one device per account is permitted

A full range of our tickets available and specific terms and conditions for the ‘iff’ card can be found on our website

If you are paying cash on board our buses you should have the right money and ensure that you receive a ticket which is valid for your required journey.  We do not give change and therefore you will need to pay the exact amount.

You should retain your ticket, pass or iff card for inspection. Failure to show a valid ticket or pass when travelling will result in a penalty fare of £10 being charged.

You must not attempt to use any ticket or pass which has been altered, defaced, issued for another person unless we specifically inform you that it is transferable, issued for a different date or time, has expired or is illegible.

We will not refund any lost, stolen or defaced return tickets.

It is a criminal offence to use altered or counterfeit tickets with the intention of deceiving our employees.  Where we suspect such deception is intended or has taken place then we reserve our right to inform the police and seek prosecution.

In certain circumstances we reserve the right to refuse an application for a ticket or pass.

Concessionary travel schemes
If you hold a valid concessionary pass you will be asked to place this on our ticket machines for registration and a zero-value ticket will be issued for the journey.  The validity of the pass is determined by the issuer.  If you find that your pass is not working, the driver will have to request the normal payment for the journey.  If you have a query in relation to your concessionary pass please contact Transport for Wales on 0300 303 4240.

Young persons fares
Children between the ages of 5 and 15 years inclusive pay young persons fares.
Young persons aged between 16 and 21 years old can continue to pay the reduced fare when they present a My Travel Pass.  Apply for a Young Persons 16 - 21 card here.

Up to three children under the age of 5 may accompany an adult fare paying customer, or an adult in possession of a valid pass or permit (including a concessionary pass) free of charge providing they do not occupy a seat required by an adult customer.

Where a child under 5 is accompanied by another youth fare customer then either both pay the youth fare or one should pay the adult fare and the other travel free.

Obviously the second option will be the cheaper.

Unaccompanied children under 5 will be charged at the appropriate youth fare for the journey being made.  Further information on child fares, family tickets and proof of age can be found at

Data protection

Where you provide us with personal data, for example for the purposes of purchasing a travel pass,  requesting an iff card, or requesting text /email updates, we use this information to communicate with you and keep you up to date on our services, customer surveys and feedback. We do not supply this information to third parties, but may ourselves send you information from third parties where we believe it to be of interest (for example partner offers).  All personal data held is processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Boarding our buses

Our buses are licensed to carry standing passengers whilst moving. If therefore you wish to have time on boarding to sit down before the vehicle sets off, the driver will upon request wait for you to do so. Provided that you press the ‘stop’ button the driver will stop at the next bus stop, and there is no need to stand before the bus has arrived and stopped.

Whilst assistance will be provided at a bus stop upon request we may, for reasons such as illegal parking, be unable to pull up close to the stop. For safety reasons we may be unable to assist in such circumstances, or indeed service the stop at all, as setting down or picking up passengers at any point other than at a recognised bus stop may not be possible on road safety grounds

You must not attempt to board or alight from any vehicle unless it is standing either at a bus stop or upon request.  Unless there is an emergency you must not speak to the driver whilst the vehicle is in motion or obstruct the driver’s vision or distract his attention.    

Buses have seats giving the disabled, elderly and the infirm priority. Able bodied passengers will be politely asked to vacate these if required by a disabled/elderly/infirm person.

Our drivers are trained in disability awareness, and recognise that a passenger with a white stick has sight difficulties, and that a passenger with a white stick which has two red bands around it also has hearing difficulties.

Elderly, disabled or other vulnerable passengers, children under 16 and people who in the opinion of the driver are in distress and unable to pay their fare will be carried at all times providing their name and address can be given in order that the fare may be collected at a later date.

Carriage of Wheelchairs, mobility scooters, small prams, buggies and bikes

Wheelchair users are welcome to travel on all bus services by using the designated wheelchair space where a wheelchair user has priority. Other passengers may use this space but must vacate it when it is required by a wheelchair user. If, however, the space is already occupied by a wheelchair user no further wheelchairs can be allowed on the bus unless they folded and securely stowed away.

All vehicles display a maximum number of wheelchairs to be carried and these signs must be adhered to.   

E-scooters and bicycles are not allowed on our vehicles.  Foldable bikes (excluding folding electric bikes) can be carried on board, but must be securely folded and stored in the designated luggage area of the vehicle so that they are stable and do not cause any obstruction. 

Festival carts/trolleys are not allowed on our vehicles (added January 2024).

During travel, buggies, prams and pushchairs must be securely positioned so that they are stable and do not cause an obstruction or obstruct the aisle.  At the drivers discretion, there may be times when a pushchair, buggy or foldable bike will not be allowed to board due to insufficient space being available.  This is for your health and safety.

Mobility Scooters have a higher centre of gravity than wheelchairs which can affect the stability and safety of the scooter, rider and other bus users. Therefore, passengers wishing to travel with mobility scooters are not permitted to sit on their scooter whilst on board our buses and the scooter must be stored in the designated area for wheelchairs or pushchairs.  If the scooter does not fit safely into the relevant space it will not be allowed to be carried on the bus. For further guidance on mobility scooters please contact our customer service department (see "keeping in touch" below).

Luggage and other objects

Customers who have bulky, dangerous or cumbersome items should comply with the drivers instructions at all times and you may be refused entry if your items do not comply.  You remain responsible for the safe carriage of your items at all times and they should remain with the owner and not be left unattended.    Any items of luggage weighing more than 50 kg shall not be allowed on the vehicle.
Certain hazardous items must not be carried on our vehicles, including but not limited to panes of glass, gas cylinders, knives, petrol etc.   Items such as paint and other potentially damaging liquids can be carried, however they must be sealed in containers, sufficiently bagged, and held onto throughout the journey, so as to prevent damage to the vehicle and/or other passengers – failure to comply will result in the customer being liable for the cost of damage to our or other passengers property and clothes in the event of spillage.  

Customers who use a single portable oxygen cylinder or a unit for personal medical reasons will be carried subject to a limit of one cylinder on the bus at any time.  These cylinders should always be stored or handled in accordance with supplier’s or manufacturer’s instructions.

If there is no available space within the segregated luggage area, or your luggage causes inconvenience, discomfort or a hazard or obstruction to other customers then you may be refused travel under these circumstances.  We cannot be held responsible for any loss or inconvenience to you if you are refused travel under these circumstances. 
We cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to luggage, objects or items on our buses.


Guide dogs, hearing dogs and assistance dogs will be carried at any time provided there is space for them to be carried. 
In all other situations, one well behaved dog or other small animal which will not be a danger or nuisance for other customers and our employees is allowed to travel on our buses at the sole discretion of the driver.   All animals travelling, must be under the owner’s control and are not allowed to travel on the seats but must be either carried on the passenger’s lap or on the floor of the vehicle or as directed by the driver.    The Dangerous Dogs Act requires certain types of dogs to be muzzled and such dogs will not be allowed to travel unless they are duly muzzled. 
If you are travelling with an animal you are doing so at your risk and you will indemnify us against any damage, loss or injury, whether direct or indirect, caused as a result of the animal travelling.
The driver can require the removal of any animal from the vehicle if it causes inconvenience, offence or damage to other passengers.  In such event we shall not incur any liability to the animal’s handler.

Lost Property

We will do all that we reasonably can to locate and return any lost property left on our buses. 

If you find any lost property on our buses you should pass this to the driver or to our Head Office.   Our drivers check their buses at the end of their journey for any property left or lost on board.  The lost property items are then documented and forwarded to our Head Office. 

Customers may claim lost property provided that they can satisfy the driver or a Cardiff Bus employee that it is their property.  

You may be asked to open any bag in which your lost property is contained and allow for the examination of contents in order to ensure that ownership is established.  We also reserve the right to charge a fee in accordance with the applicable Public Service Vehicles (Lost Property) Regulations 1978 and ask you to refund the cost of any packaging and postage, if we are required to send you any lost property items.

Lost property is only kept for a period of one month, apart from perishables which are kept for no more than a 24 hours or items which may become a health and safety risk which can be disposed off at any time at our discretion. 

To reclaim property please contact us on 029 2066 6444.

Liability for Loss, Damage or Delay

We shall not be liable for death or personal injury (other than death or personal injury caused by our employee’s negligence), or any loss or damage other than that suffered by a passenger carried in, entering or alighting any of our vehicles PROVIDED THAT any person entering or alighting from a vehicle which is not stationary, do so at their own risk.
Other than expressly set out in these conditions or where any loss or damage arises directly or indirectly from our, or our employee’s negligence, we shall not be liable for any other loss, damage or delay or loss of or miss-delivery of or damage or delay to property PROVIDED THAT any such liability on our part shall be limited to the amount of £100. 

Keeping in touch

You can visit us at our Head Office, Sloper Road, Leckwith Cardiff.  CF11 8TB or

Telephone:    029 2066 6444 
Follow our twitter account: @Cardiffbus
Join our facebook account:
Get updates via SMS by texting follow Cardiffbus to 86444 in the United Kingdom


The governing law for these Conditions shall be the law of England and Wales.  These conditions and the service we provide are in compliance with the:
Public Passenger Vehicles Act 1981
Public Service Vehicle (Conduct of Drivers, Inspectors, Conductors and Passengers) Regulations 1990 and Amendment Regulations 1995 and 2002
Public Service Vehicle Accessibility Regulations 2000
Public Service Vehicles (Lost Property) Regulations 1978 and Amendment Regulations 1995
Public Service Vehicle (Carrying Capacity) Regulations 1984 and Amendment Regulations 1996
The Courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction.
Should any provision of these Conditions be invalid or unenforceable this shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions.
Unless specifically set out otherwise,these Conditions constitute the entire agreement between us and our customers. None of our employees are entitled to alter or vary any of the provisions of these Conditions.

Compliments and feedback

We welcome compliments and feedback (including complaints) from our customers as this enables us to improve our service and make our employees aware of our performance.    When giving compliments and feedback, it is helpful to have information such as your ticket, bus number (shown on the front and back of the vehicle), time, route number and direction to identify the bus you travelled on.
Any complaints or feedback should be sent by email on [email protected], by telephone on 029 2066 6444, by letter or in person.  We will only respond to your compliment and feedback if you have requested us to do so.  Where appropriate, we use our CCTV system (and associated audio recording) to clarify and confirm our responses to you.  If you are not satisfied with our response then please contact us again.   Alternatively, you can write to Bus Users UK

Bus Users UK
22 Greencoat Place
London SW1P 1PR
Tel 0300 111 0001
Email [email protected]
Visit Bus Users UK website here.