Respect on board our buses

1 year ago Tue 1st Nov 2022

Kindness is key. Acting respectfully and pleasant towards people can go a long way and can have a huge impact on someone’s day!

Here at Cardiff Bus, respect is crucial, and we will not tolerate any form of abuse. This includes discrimination, swearing, shouting and any other type of rude behaviour. This applies to all aspects of our company – whether it is in person with our bus drivers, over social media or on the phone to our customer service team. Any form of hostile behaviour will not be tolerated.

Our drivers, customer service team and all other departments at Cardiff Bus are doing their best to provide a great service for you so please show them kindness and appreciation. Please remember that our Cardiff Bus team are all local people who are doing their best to provide good services for our customers and community.

Your comments and queries are always noted and taken on board; a lot goes on behind the scenes putting them into practice where possible.

Remember that we are all humans, and no one knows what goes on in other people’s lives so please be kind to everyone on and off board our services. Acting in a negative way towards our team will not be tolerated.

We would like to thank our customers for being friendly and pleasant on board our services and for being understanding during unforeseen circumstances that can affect our services. We are doing our best to offer a service that is reliable and convenient and appreciate your patience. If you would like to help us continue delivering this service, find out more about our current vacancies here.

We look forward to welcoming you on board soon!