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University student travel
4 months ago Wed 16th Sep 2020
Find out more about our routes and fares
College bus travel
4 months ago Tue 15th Sep 2020
Student bus travel from just £1.15 per day
Face Covering compliance checks
4 months ago Fri 11th Sep 2020
Compliance checks from Monday 14 September
Back to school
4 months ago Thu 27th Aug 2020
School buses from Tuesday 1st September
Back on Board
5 months ago Fri 7th Aug 2020
If you haven't travelled with us for a while, you'll notice some changes to our buses.
Electronic scooters
5 months ago Fri 7th Aug 2020
Wood Street bus stop changes
6 months ago Fri 24th Jul 2020
Due to work being carried out as part of the Central Square redevelopment, bus stops on Wood Street will not be in use
Travelling by bus during the coronavirus outbreak
6 months ago Wed 22nd Jul 2020
Here are some helpful tips for travelling during the Covid-19 pandemic
Cleaner buses
6 months ago Mon 13th Jul 2020
We’ve increased our cleaning regime since the coronavirus outbreak, so it’s likely you’ll spot some of our cleaners hopping on and off buses
Face Coverings
6 months ago Mon 13th Jul 2020
Face coverings are now mandatory on public transport in Wales