Customer Charter

We promise to...

operate a reliable bus service 

We will endeavour to operate 99.5% of all journeys, and 95% of all buses will depart from the starting point of the journey within a window of no more than one minute early or five minutes late except where delays or interruptions are caused by factors outside our control.

listen to our customers

We value the views of all our customers and welcome any comments on all aspects of our service. You can contact us by post, email, phone, twitter or facebook. 

We will acknowledge all your feedback and aim to respond to all customer feedback within three working days. Where there is an unavoidable delay, we will contact you explaining the reasons for the delay and indicate when you will receive a response If you are unhappy with the response you can appeal to the Managing Director. You should state clearly why you are still unhappy and what you think we could do to put things right. The Managing Director will contact you within five days of receiving your request for a review, confirming our final position on your complaint and explaining our reasons. 

If you are still unhappy with the company‚Äôs final position you have the option to refer the matter to the Bus Appeals Body.  The Body is a non-statutory organisation offering an independent review of complaints arising from the operation of local bus and scheduled coach services.   

BAB c/o
Bus Users UK
PO Box 1045
Cardiff. CF11 1JE
Tel: 029 2022 1370  

We will endeavour to hold customer meetings throughout our network at least once each year in addition to the annual Bus Users UK surgery and respond to all feedback. 

communicate with our customers 

We will provide up to date comprehensive and legible service information in the form of appropriate timetables and other literature at bus stops where infrastructure allows. We will endeavour to keep you up-to-date of changes to fares and services by posting notices on our buses, website and social media at least 14 days before any change is introduced.  You can also keep up to date by using the My Account section of our website.  In times of disruption we will send service updates via our website, social media and real time information signs.

give you a wide range of fares & tickets 

We will provide a range of value for money tickets so that you can choose the one that best suits you.  Single, one day and weekly tickets are available from the driver, monthly and longer tickets from our Customer Service Centre.  To speed up customers boarding, and help to give you a quicker journey, you must have the correct money for your ticket, as our drivers do not give change.

Alternatively you can store money on one of our iff smartcards so you need not worry about having the correct money. 

operate a modern fleet of buses 

We aim to ensure that you have a safe, comfortable journey on a clean, well maintained bus.  All of our buses have the destination and route number at the front and side and a route number at the rear.  All our buses are accessible and we identify seats near to the entrance for the elderly, those with mobility issues and very young children.