Changes to Route 27

1 month ago Wed 24th Jan 2024

We know that there have been issues on how reliable route 27 has been over the last few months.  We have reviewed the options available to us to resolve these issues, along with ensuring that we maintain the services sustainability.

We looked at two options; either a frequency reduction across the entire route to allow for more journey time or a subtle route revision within Llanishen and Thornhill that would allow for additional journey time but would maintain the overall 5 bus per hour frequency. When reviewing usage, it was clear that there are a low number of customer journeys made from the Templeton Avenue area to Thornhill, and therefore a route revision would give a more dependable service for everyone who uses the route today.  This is therefore, what we've done, and it allows confidence to be restored in our reliability, as well as keeping 5 buses per hour weekday daytimes between the City Centre - Caerphilly Road - Thornhill.

What is the new route?

Between the City Centre and Caerphilly Crossroads (Morrisons Store) there is no change.  From Caerphilly Crossroads (Morrisons Store) buses will follow a clockwise loop serving Caerphilly Road, Thornhill Road, Excalibur Drive, Heol Hir and Templeton Avenue and back direct along Caerphilly Road to the City Centre.

This means buses will now call at additional new stops on Thornhill Road for Sainsbury’s local and Thornhill Crematorium. 

Click here to see the updated route map

Preview the new timetable

Click here to preview the new timetable - weekdays a bus every 12 minutes from Thornhill and Llanishen direct along Caerphilly Road into the City Centre.

There will also be some minor amends to timetables on routes 4, 14, 49/50, 52, 57/58, 61, 92/93/94, 95, 96, 101/102 and M1 form the same date.  Click here for more information.