Dark arts, riotous parties, war heroism, crocodiles and crucifixes...

Tredegar House has never been an ordinary household. A place of dark days and golden ages where flamboyance is at the heart of the history.

Discover the house

Explore the majestic state rooms, the exquisite bedchambers and discover below stairs at the grand family home.

Enjoy the gardens

Our walled gardens are some of the most important early eighteenth century garden landscapes in Wales. Over the years they've changed and developed as new fashions took hold and they bloomed or suffered as the Morgan's family fortune's rose and fell.

Grab a coat and enjoy a stomp around the parkland; with over 90 acres to explore you're sure to discover something new every time. Be it wildlife on the lake or the trees changing with the seasons, it's the best place to lose yourself in nature.


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