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Diversions due to city centre roadworks

7th Sep onwards

Due to road works in the city centre, buses will divert as follows:

🚌 Services from the West - All services that enter the city centre from Canton will travel along Neville Street & Fitzhamon Embankment. All services that enter the city via Cathedral Road will travel along Clare Street & Fitzhamon Embankment.

🚌 Diversions from the East - Services 11, 28/28A/28B, 52, 57/58 will run into the city centre via Station Terrace, lower Churchill Way (Fri/Sat night diversions) and will end Hayes Bridge Rd (11, 28/28A/28B) or Customhouse St (52, 57/58). Bus stops on Dumfries Place, Greyfriars Road, Kingsway, Westgate Street and St Mary Street will not be served by these services.

🚌 Baycar (6) - This service will travel as far as Wyndham Arcade and will not stop on Westgate Street or Kingsway.

Services not mentioned remain on normal routes.

We apologise for any inconvenience.


14th Aug onwards

Face coverings are mandatory on buses in Wales. Please wear yours before you board and for the entire journey.

Lower Westgate Street closure (at Royal Hotel)

6th Sep - 30th Nov

🚧 Lower Westgate Street closure for road works
📅10:00 on Monday 6 September through to last bus on Tuesday 30 November
🚏 Probation Office and Royal Hotel bus stops on Westgate Street will be suspended. Please use the following alternative stops:
🚌 Service 4 - Park Street (outside BT building)
🚌 Services 44/45, 49/50, 52, 57/58 & X45 (X45 towards St. Mellons) - Wyndham Arcade
🚌 Services 92, 94 & 95 after 21:00 on Friday and Saturday evenings will start/end from Park Street (outside BT building)

🚌 Also, on the same dates, services 17/18 & 96/96A will enter the city centre via Neville Street, Despenser Gardens, Fitzhamon Embankment and Park Street, not serving inbound bus stops at St. David's Hospital or Westgate Street. Outbound journeys are not affected and will depart from their usual stops on Westgate Street.
Please note that all inbound journeys on services 13, 15, 25, 62, 63, 64 & 66 will continue to follow normal route over Cardiff Bridge and down Westgate Street.

Tudor Street one-way system

2nd Aug onwards

🚧 As part of the continuing Tudor Street and Riverside regeneration works, Tudor Street will become one-way in a westerly direction, outbound from Wood Street bridge towards Ninian Park Road, from 09:00 on Monday 2 August until further notice

🚌 Buses towards the city centre will run via Clare Street, Dispenser Street and Fitzhamon Embankment, resulting in the inbound stops at Beauchamp Street and Fitzhamon Embankment (on Tudor Street) being closed. Nearest alternative stops for buses towards the city centre will be Clare Road (One Stop Shop), Brunel Street (Ninian Park Road) or Dispenser Street

🚏 All buses leaving the city centre via Tudor Street one-way system on services 4, 7, 8, 9, 9A, 92, 93, 94, 95 and X45 will call at the very last bus stop shelter on Tudor Street, near the junction with Clare Road and Ninian Park Road

These disruptions could affect future journeys

CCFC Leckwith Road closure

Today 14:15 - 14:45

⚽ Leckwith Road at Cardiff City FC will be closed for approx. 30 minutes after the CCFC v Middlesbrough match has ended for crowd safety

📅 Saturday 23 October
⌚ 14:15 - 14:45

Certain departures on services 1, 2 & 95 will divert as follows:

🚌 Service 1 -14:30 departure from Canal Street will follow normal route to Clare Road, then run along Ninian Park Road & Kitchener Road to Leckwith Road. 🚏 Bus stops at Cornwall Street, Virgil Street, Sloper Road and Leckwith Place will not be served. Please use stops along diversion route instead.

🚌 Service 2 - 13:50 departure from Canal Street will follow normal route to Leckwith Road, then run along Kitchener Road & Ninian Park Road to Clare Road. 🚏 Bus stops at Leckwith Place, Sloper Road, Virgil Street and Cornwall Street will not be served. Please use stops along diversion route instead.

🚌 Service 95 - 14:05 & 14:35 departures from Philharmonic & 13:44 departure from Barry Island will divert via Hadfield Road and Penarth Road. 🚏 Bus stops at Leckwith Road and Ninian Park Road will not be served. Please use bus stops along diversion route instead.