Revised Fares 31st March 2024

1 month ago Fri 8th Mar 2024

We have always tried to ensure that we offer fares that are affordable, great value for money and are constructed such that we can ensure we offer a level of flexibility for the journeys that you make. We have also made best use of technology to further support this with our range of exclusive app bundle single and day tickets.

At the end of 31st March the Welsh Government's Bus Transition Fund (BTF) ends. From this time all operators in Wales return to operating their network with the revenue generated by customers who use their services.  In light of this we have therefore had no other option than to review the ongoing cost pressures associated with operating our services including ensuring we build a level of robustness into our timetables at a greater level now than ever has been the case.

This will mean revised fares from 31st March 2024.  We have maintained our app exclusive bundle ticket prices as much as we can - you can still make a single journey ticket in Cardiff for £2.00 using this method - that's is still 20p less than todays on the bus cash fare!

Click here to download a PDF copy of our new map and fare guide.


We recognise the importance of our fares and decisions that our customers make. We also know that the school-run is a time where lots of short journeys are made that adds pressure to the road network. Listening to customers, we are introducing a trial app exclusive 'School-Run' ticket which is £6 and available for journeys in the Cardiff, Llandough and Penarth areas on School Days between 07:00 and 19:00. The ticket must be held by an adult, who can be accompanied by up to three children (or none at all, ideal for getting back home or to the shops between the school runs).

Click here for more information about this new app exclusive ticket  

Cardiff, Penarth and Llandough


Local Single

Full Single

Day To Go


4 Week







Child MTP






App Exclusive Tickets:  Easy 3 (3-day ticket bundle) £13.50 and 10 Single Trip Tickets £20.00.           

Young Persons Freedom Ticket: (only valid in Cardiff Council Area, not Penarth) £13.50

The School Run App Exclusive:  £6 valid for purchase anytime but only valid for travel school days 0700-1900.

Within Barry, Within Dinas Powys and Within Sully or travel between Barry and/or Dinas Powys and Sully

For journeys in the Vale of Glamorgan, we’ll be introducing revised local single tickets to help offer better value if you’re making shorter journeys. These will be…

  • Barry – as far as Ty Verlon / McDonalds (93, 94 & 95) or Port Road / Penceodtre Lane (96)
  • Dinas Powys – as far as Eastbrook Station or George Row
  • Sully & Cosmeston – as far as Sully Brook or Glamorganshire Golf Club


Local Single*

Full Single**



4 Week**







Child or MTP






*Barry or Dinas Powys or Sully & Cosmeston

**Barry, Dinas Powys and Sully & Cosmeston

Tickets in the Cardiff Zone (incl. Penarth and Llandough) or across the full network are still available, and fares can be found in the sections below.

App Exclusive Tickets:  Easy 3 (3-day ticket bundle) £14.00 and 10 Single Trip Tickets £25.00.           

Young Persons Freedom Ticket: (only valid in Cardiff Council Area, not Penarth) £13.50

Full Network



Day To Go Plus


4 Week






Child MTP





App Exclusive Tickets:  Easy 3 (3-day ticket bundle) £17.50 and 10 Single Trip Tickets £31.00.          

Family and Group Tickets

Family Cardiff, Penarth & Llandough


Family Barry, Dinas Powys & Sully


Family Full Network


Group (5 Travelling together in Cardiff & Penarth)


Southeast Wales Network Rider                                                                            







Child MTP



Welcome Travel Scheme


The Welsh Government has notified bus operators that its Welcome Ticket will no longer be available on bus and train services in Wales from 1 April 2024.  From this date you will need to pay for your travel.  

Please click here to learn of the many ways to buy your bus ticket including some great value app exclusive tickets.

Further information about this decision can be found by clicking here 

You may be eligible for one of the Welsh Government's free or discounted travel schemes if you are