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Give the gift of travel

32 days ago Tue 18th Dec 2018

Customers can now gift any available ticket from the mobile app to another user.  Simply buy a ticket as normal and then enter a valid email address to send it.  The ticket can be claimed by redeeming the gift code received and activating it on the users’ mobile device.   This helps users to look after dependants without needing to give them cash or a debit / credit card, whilst opening up public transport to a whole new generation of travellers through the safe use of a mobile app. 

The process is quick, easy and secure.

To gift a mobile ticket:

  1. Make sure you have the app installed!
  2. Create an account or get logged into an existing one,
  3. Select the ticket you want to gift
  4. Check the option to Gift the ticket when you purchase it.
  5. If you would like to share the Gift code via email enter the recipients email address. Don’t worry, you don’t have to share the Gift code via email. You can buy the ticket as a Gift and select the ‘share Gift code’ option to share the code.

To redeem a mobile ticket:

  1. Copy the gift code you’ve received,
  2. Create an account or get logged into an existing one,
  3. Select the ‘Mobile Tickets’ menu option
  4. Select ‘redeem a Gift code’
  5. Enter the Gift code you’ve received. You can either activate the ticket straight away or use it later. If you don’t activate the ticket it will be saved in the Mobile app and you can activate it at a later date.

Favourites Shortcut

Add your favourite bus stop, timetable or journey on the app as a widget on your home screen.  If you take the same journey every day, or use the same bus stop, create a shortcut and save those extra minutes to catch up on what really matters. 

Click on the star which appears beside the timetable / bus stop / journey, then drag the icon from the pop-up to your homepage, or click on ‘add’. 

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