Frequently asked questions

How do I catch the bus?

This short video shows how easy it is to catch a Cardiff bus

Why do drivers stop at some bus stops for a few minutes?

Some bus stops are ‘timing points.’  In order to stick to the timetable and not run early, drivers will not pass certain bus stops until the time advertised.  These bus stops tend to be in town/village centres or busy bus stops in a lay-by.  Many city centre bus stops are timing points e.g Churchill Way

The times at bus stops in between timing point are estimated times.  We advise customers to arrive at these bus stops in plenty of time because if traffic is light, buses may arrive at these stop earlier.      

Who do I contact about lost property?

Our customer service team do not receive the lost property until the following day.  If you have lost a personal belonging on one of our buses, please contact our customer service team on 029 2066 6444.

Can I bring a pet on the bus?

Guide dogs, hearing dogs and assistance dogs will be carried at any time provided there is space for them to be carried.  
In all other situations, one well behaved dog or other small animal which will not be a danger or nuisance for other customers and our employees is allowed to travel on our buses at the sole discretion of the driver.   All animals travelling, must be under the owner’s control and are not allowed to travel on the seats but must be either carried on the passenger’s lap or on the floor of the vehicle or as directed by the driver.    The Dangerous Dogs Act requires certain types of dogs to be muzzled and such dogs will not be allowed to travel unless they are duly muzzled.  
If you are travelling with an animal you are doing so at your risk and you will indemnify us against any damage, loss or injury, whether direct or indirect, caused as a result of the animal travelling.
The driver can require the removal of any animal from the vehicle if it causes inconvenience, offence or damage to other passengers.  In such event we shall not incur any liability to the animal’s handler.

Is smoking permitted on the bus?

No smoking is permitted at any time in any part of a Cardiff Bus vehicle.  This includes e-cigarettes as this may inconvenience other passengers.  Please note that customers must not carry any lit pipe, cigar, cigarette, match or lighter on the bus.

Can I bring a bike or e-scooter on board?

E-scooters and bicycles other than foldable bikes are not allowed on our vehicles.  Foldable bikes must be securely folded and stored in the designated luggage area of the vehicle so that they are stable and do not cause any obstruction.