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Cardiff Bus Corporate Travel

Attracting and retaining the best people, getting them to work on time – and keeping everyone fit and healthy – are top-of-the-list concerns for most organisations. 

So here’s an idea: Make discounted Cardiff Bus annual travel passes a part of your employee benefits package. 

When your teams travel to work with Cardiff Bus for business, they’ll be able to budget easily. They won’t have the hassle of driving through the city centre or trying to find parking spaces. And if they have an annual pass, they’ll be able to use it to get in and out of the city for days out and at weekends too. 

If you haven’t been on a bus in a while, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how comfortable they are. All Cardiff Bus vehicles are fitted out with wifi and very comfortable seats – and of course, they’re all completely accessible for people with disabilities. 

Cardiff Bus for your teams 

We offer businesses like yours discounted travel passes for your teams. They’re easy to build into your employee benefits package – so your teams can pay for their travel directly from the payroll every month. 

We also offer a number of other ways to get your teams on the bus. 

How much does it cost?

The more people you sign up for Cardiff Bus discounted travel, the cheaper it gets. To find out more about what a great offer this could be for your teams, just call us to set up a meeting.

Good to know…

  • If a member of your team leaves, you don’t lose the money you’ve invested in their travel card – we’ll return any outstanding balance to you
  • Corporate tickets are issued via the Cardiff Bus app
  • If your teams work on flexible or part-time shifts, we can offer different ticket types to suit you 

Why partner with Cardiff Bus? 

There are so many benefits to making Cardiff Bus part of your offer to your teams. Most of all, it shows your teams that you care and that you’re making it easy for them to budget for getting to work. 


Our buses travel regularly throughout Cardiff, Barry and Penarth – and to and from Newport. Buses run from early morning until late at night. So whichever shift patterns your teams are working, we’ll have options available for them. 


All our buses are fitted with wifi. The seats are very comfortable – and of course, they’re fully accessible to all


Did you know that people who take the bus walk more? All of those extra steps help to keep your teams healthy. On top of that, hopping on a bus every day completely removes the stress of driving and of trying to find parking spaces. 


The more people that use the bus, the more we’ll beat congestion in our city. Which will mean faster journey times – and even more importantly, cleaner air.  

Up-to-date information

We can share our real time travel information feeds with you so that you can publish them on your intranet. Our online journey planner also helps your teams to plan their individual journeys to work and find out if there are delays or disruptions – like road races and rugby and football matches.

How does it work? 

First of all, we meet you and listen to what you need. Together, we’ll decide the best package for your teams. There are a number of ways you could offer our services to them. 

Through your payroll

One option is to incorporate Cardiff Bus travel passes into your employee benefits offer. When team members decide to take a pass, you deduct the monthly amount from their salary.

Direct purchase

If you don’t want to offer travel passes via your payroll, you can promote our services directly to your teams and allow them to buy travel passes themselves.

Direct debit

Both you and your teams can make great savings when you set up direct debits.

We’ll help you raise awareness

We provide you with information you can use on your intranet. We also supply you with files for other collateral – like posters and flyers – to help you encourage people to choose Cardiff Bus.

Staying in touch

When we talk about partnering companies, we mean it. We’ll stay in touch with you so you're able to give us regular feedback, make suggestions – and get the latest news from us on issues like traffic, the environment and customer and employee engagement. 

Who do we work with? 

Some of the most prestigious companies in the city are already partnering with Cardiff Bus. Which means we’re getting their teams to work on time, in comfort and without the hassle of having to find parking spaces. 

Healthy Travel Cardiff

Healthy Travel Cardiff is an approach being taken across the public sector to encourage staff and visitors to use healthy modes of transport to reach their sites.  This is to help people in Cardiff to be healthier and happier, and improve air quality for current and future generations.  A number of organisations have already signed up to the Charter which contains 14 commitments.  To find out more information on Healthy Travel Cardiff please click here.

Let’s talk 

Remember, signing your teams up to reduced-price travel with Cardiff Bus means: 

  • Your teams can budget for travel easily
  • They can beat congestion to get to work on time
  • They’re happier, healthier and less hassled
  • You get to honour your environmental commitments

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