We're ready to get you back on the move

Squeaky clean - we're ready to get you back on the move

During the coronavirus outbreak, we're doing all we can to keep you safe whilst travelling with us, from additional deep cleaning to reducing capacity.  You can also help prevent the spread of the virus by following the steps below.

**Changes from Sunday 5th September**

  • All seats (forward & rear facing) are always available for use on every vehicle.
  • Before 0800 and after 1900 each day, when services are less frequent, a limited number of customers may stand to ensure that we do not leave people stranded.  Customers will be asked to distance themselves along the aisle of the bus, so that overcrowding is still avoided.

Please remember more people are travelling and coming together safely as government restrictions have eased. So, when the bus is busy it will not always be possible to sit apart from others and someone may sit next to you.

All available buses are being used, but you can help us and other customers by travelling at off-peak times if possible, and use the capacity checker on our website and app to see if your bus is busy before it arrives. 

You should wash your hands as often as possible, and before and after each journey, and you should not travel if you feel unwell.

In addition to this we would appreciate your co-operation and ask that you respect our drivers and other customers, and help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus by following the steps below:

Plan your journey

At the bus stop

  • Sit / stand apart from other customers
  • When the bus approaches, raise your arm to let the driver know you want to board
  • Allow other customers off the bus before you get on
  • Have your payment method ready.  You can still pay with cash, but it will need to be exact fare as we don’t give change.  You can also pay via our mobile app, contactless or iff card
  • Board the bus one at a time 
  • Consider wearing a face covering if your bus stop is busy.

On board the bus

  • Wear a face covering on our buses.  The World Health Organisation recommend wearing a three-layer face mask
  • Make use of the on-board hand sanitiser near the front door
  • Keep the windows open for ventilation
  • Turn away from others if social distancing is not possible
  • Catch all coughs and sneezes in a tissue and dispose of it in a bin as soon as possible
  • Avoid eating and drinking
  • Limit mobile phone calls
  • When you’re ready to alight the bus, press the stop button and wait behind the line on the floor until the bus has stopped
  • Exit the bus one at a time

Picture of 2 buses with face covering illustrations on front

We've added face covering artwork to two of our buses to highlight the importance of wearing face coverings while travelling with us.

What we are doing to keep you safe

  • We've introduced a rigorous cleaning regime which including anti-viral cleaning products

  • Provided drivers with PPE
  • Added hand sanitiser to buses
  • Reduced capacity on buses in line with Welsh Government guidance
  • Drivers have a protective screen between you and them
  • Updated our app and website so you can see if the bus you’re waiting for is busy or not
  • Security staff are carrying out spot checks on buses to make sure customers wear face coverings, unless they are exempt

image showing hand sanitiser pump on bus

We look forward to welcoming you back on board.

Spick and span and ready to get you back on the move