Discover how Cardiff turned from a small market town in the 1300's to one of the world's biggest ports in the 1900's at The Cardiff Story Museum.

The fun, free and interactive galleries are in the beautiful historic Old Library building; full of stories, objects, photographs and film telling the history of the people of Cardiff.

The Cardiff in Context gallery is split into 3 areas. A Port of Some Importance show how and why people first settled in Cardiff and how their communities developed, with hands-on activities to help you discover the city's Bronze Age, Roman, Norman and Medieval past!

The Changing Cardiff exhibit shows how the today's city has been shaped over time, varying with the wealth and success of the docks. 

Working Lives explores how 'Cardiffians' have made their living over the years from the land and sea, to industry and hospitality. You can eavesdrop on historical characters and examine personal items in the Object Theatre.

The Cardiff Story also has a varied programme of temporary exhibitions running across another 3 whole galleries too, so repeat visits are just as interesting because, so long as you leave a few months between, there's bound to be something different to see!

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