Cardiff Council's Bus Strategy Consultation

1 month ago Wed 20th Oct 2021

Cardiff Council are running an eight-week consultation on their new Bus Strategy.

The new strategy aims to double the number of people who use buses in Cardiff, and the consultation seeks views on how bus services within the city can improve in order to reach this target.

We’ve been highlighting the need for better bus priority measures across the city which will help us with our battle against traffic congestion, and as a result improve our reliability.  We know that service reliability with predictable journey times is very important to you and infrastructure that allows us to deliver this for you is now more critical than ever.  If we have the infrastructure to operate on time, every time, it will make moving around our city by bus a real and credible alternative.  With more effective bus priority measures we believe that the Council will reach their target. 

We all have our part to play in tacking the climate change agenda - and making more journeys by bus can be your part to play in making Cardiff, and the World, a greener place.

Therefore, we’re asking you to take part in the Council’s survey to give your views.  Your contribution will help shape the future of bus travel in Cardiff, so please have your say.

Remember – on time, every time is only achievable with effective bus infrastructure and priority.    

Click here to answer the survey

an image of a Lothian double decker bus next to approx 75 cars

Lothian are a municipal company, just like Cardiff Bus, and in this image they are demonstrating the difference in traffic levels by comparing a full double decker bus which can carry the same amount of people as 75 single occupancy cars. 

Alternative roads

image of a bus on the Cambridge Guide Busway

Image source: flickr photo by Ed Webster

Bus priority measures don't just mean bus lanes.  Guided Busways are bus-only tracks that connect areas and are made up of two concrete beams with kerbs. Guided wheels on the bus connect with the kerb and run along it to steer the bus.  Examples of guided busways can be seen in Cambridge and Hampshire in the UK, where bus priority measures have improved running times, bus reliability and many more people choosing to use the bus.  

unlocking the city.  Less congestion means quicker buses, more passengers and more buses and fewer cars

Image source: Twitter Confederation of Passenger Transport @CPT_UK