Another 19 makes 55!

1 month ago Thu 16th May 2024

Another 19 makes 55!

We are sure you will have noticed that from April we introduced another 19 brand new zero emission electric buses into our network.  We now have a total of 55 adding to the first 36 that were new in 2021 which makes the largest operationally deployed fleet of EV buses in Wales to date.  So far all over our EV's have operated 12 million KMs - enough to have gone to the moon and back nearly 14 times.

Building on the features of our first electric buses, for example air conditioning, bilingual next stop audio and visual announcements and USB at seat chargers, we have listened to customer feedback and the new batch boost a bigger buggy area, additional destination signage and additional customer information displays. 

All these features build on the standards you can rely upon when travelling with Cardiff Bus including;

  • Pay As You Go daily fare capping - offering the best value for your journeys 
  • Contactless payments
  • Mobile tickets - including bundles of flexible app exclusive tickets to embrace the modern commuting habits
  • Real time/live journey planning
  • Live bus tracking
  • Fully accessible, smart and modern bus interiors
  • Clean and modern engines with low or no emissions
  • A comprehensive network from early to late every day of the week 

Click here for a diagrammatic map where routes have been converted to full or partial EV operation.  Some other routes may also be operated with EV buses.

We are proud to have been all about our city since 1902!   We hope to see friends old and new on board soon - why not give the bus a try and experience our new buses for yourself!

New EV Bus 2024