Cardiff Jump has enormous adventure play-frames: a space zone, a galleon and an enchanted castle. At 27,000 sq feet it is the largest dedicated indoor soft play centre in the UK! There are also huge inflatables, an indoor football pitch, and an enormous zone just for toddlers. They also offer themed party rooms, a cafĂ© and different activities every day

At Jump, all children are encouraged to be as energetic and active as they like, to really let out all that tension from school and the tyranny of parents! In this super safe but totally exciting environment, children develop their important physical and social skills, co-ordination and balance, plus of course it gets the little bleeders out of the house! It's all good...

They actively encourage parents to join in with the fun so wear your socks! All of their play equipment is designed and built with adults in mind, so there's no worries about weight or height, just get in there and play. There's loads of fun to be had!

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