iff card

Speed up your journey and save money by paying before you board the bus 

What is an iff card?

iff card is your personal travel card that you can use on all of our buses.  You can either

  • add credit to buy tickets when you want
  • buy and top-up a weekly, monthly or annual ticket
  • sign up for our Direct Debit scheme

Apply for your iff card

Click here to apply for your iff card and setup your online account (we will send your iff card to you in the post).

If you lose your iff card, we will replace your first card free of charge, after that, replacement cards will cost £5.

Buying tickets & topping up your iff card

  • Only weekly tickets can be added to your iff card by the driver on the bus (payable by cash only, not contactless)
  • To top-up your card online, please click here
  • You can top-up at one of the many PayPoint outlets across our network. To find out where your nearest PayPoint outlet is enter your postcode here
  • You can also set up a Direct Debit payment so that your iff card will never run-out, as long as you maintain the commitment. Click here for more information about the Direct Debit scheme

iff card fares

  Cardiff Fare Zone Barry Fare Zone Cardiff & Barry
  Adult Young Person** Adult Young Person** Adult Young Person**
Day to go (on bus)
- bought on bus £4 £2.60 £3.60 £2.40 £5.50 £3.60
- bought online £3.80 £2.50 £3.50 £2.30 £5.30 £3.50
Week to go      
- bought on bus* £15 £9.60 £14.00 £9.20 £21 £13.40
- bought online £14.50 £9.40 £13.60 £9.20 £21 £13.40

4 week to go
- bought online


£35 £47 £30 £67 £46
Month to go
direct debit only
£49 £32 £41 £29 £61 £42

Year to go
- travel shop/direct debit

£585 £420 £485 £340 £715 £480

* payable by cash only, not contactless

** customers aged 16-21 will need a My Travel Pass card (NOT an iff card) - click here to apply for a My Travel Pass Card. On receipt of your card, you will need to visit our head office at Sloper Road (CF11 8TB) for your tickets (apart from single tickets) to be added to your card.

New to online top up?

After clicking the link to create your account, you will need to pick ‘adult’ or ‘young person’, then create an account. You’ll need an email address and contact number to do this. Your account and ticket confirmation emails will come from [email protected], so make sure it’s not picked up by your spam/junk filters.

Once you’ve set up an account, you’ll need to create your new iff card. If you already have an iff card, you will be sent a new one for online top-ups, as your current card can only be used for topping up on bus, at Customer Service Centres or PayPoint outlets.

Choose which zone you’ll need a ticket for – Cardiff, Barry or our plus ticket which allows you to travel in both the Cardiff and Barry zones.

Then select which ticket you’d like to purchase. Choose from day, week or 4 week tickets. At the moment, this will be the only ticket type you can purchase using your card.

Pay for your order and wait for your new card to be delivered. This can take up to 7 working days.

When you’ve received your card, your ticket will activate when you use your card for the first time. Once you’ve activated your ticket you can purchase your next ticket – top up by 9pm for travel the next day.

FAQ - Online top-up

My new iff card hasn’t arrived

Cards take up to 7 working days to arrive. Please allow extra time for delivery over weekends and Bank Holidays. If your card still hasn’t arrived, give us a ring on 029 2066 6444.  View our opening hours here.

What do I do if my iff card doesn’t work?

If the ticket machine flashes red when you place your card on the reader, log in to your account and make sure you have a ticket stored on your card, and that your ticket hasn’t expired. If your ticket status is showing as active or awaiting distribution, give us a ring on 029 2066 6444.  View our opening hours here.

I ordered the wrong card/ticket

If you accidentally order a card for the wrong fare zone, or select the wrong ticket type, contact our customer service centre on 029 2066 6444 as soon as possible.  View our opening hours here.

I've topped up my card since my original card application - how long before I can use this on the bus?

Once you have had your new card and then want to top-up your ticket or add credit this can take up to 48 hours before you can 'collect' the update on the bus.  Often it is within 24 hours but can take a little longer.  As we roll out system updates it is expected this will be done within hours.  We recommend you top up before 21:00hrs the night before you wish travel as a minimum.

Can I still use my current iff card while I wait for my new one?

Yes, you can still use your current iff card on the bus while you wait for your new card to arrived.

Can I use my new iff card to top up and buy tickets on the bus or at Cardiff Bus customer services?

At the moment this isn’t possible and you’ll only be able to purchase tickets online.

How many tickets can I store on my iff card?

At the moment, it is only possible to have an active ticket and one stored on there for future use.

How do I change my ticket type?

If, for example, you purchased a week to go ticket when you ordered your iff card but now wish to purchase a 4 week to go ticket, you will need a new account and iff card.