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Free WiFi

Now you can send emails, check the latest travel updates or even crush some candy without eating into your mobile data on board our buses!

Routers are being installed on all our buses to provide free 4G WiFi to passengers.  This has been made possible due to funding received from Cardiff Council as part of the Department of Culture, Media and Sport ‘Super Connected Cardiff’ initiative.

How to connect

  1. Open up the connectivity settings on your phone, laptop or tablet
  2. Select ‘free-cardiff-wifi’
  3. Open a web browser e.g Internet Explorer or Chrome
  4. Read the terms and conditions set out by icomera.  To continue you must agree and tick the box.
  5. Click on the ‘Connect’ button and you’re free to surf the internet

Which buses have WiFi?

All our buses have been fitted with a WiFi router.

What else do I need to know?

A 4G mobile data signal is received by the onboard Router, which transmits Wi-Fi signal within the bus. Like any other mobile signal, the strength of WiFi may vary in different locations. 

Some websites are not accessible using 'free-cardiff-wifi', such as websites that require a high level of data, or those that are inappropriate.

Please note - if Wi-Fi is unavailable or you are unable to use the Wi-Fi for any reason, you must be aware that there is no refund available. Free Wi-Fi is offered as a complimentary benefit and is not the core element of travel on our bus services. That said if you have any problems or have any suggestions please feel free to get in touch with our Customer Services team with any feedback.


We hope you enjoy the use of free WiFi on board our buses.