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capital transport for our capital city

here's the easy way into Cardiff by car

Cardiff is a terrific city, whether you work there most days, pop in for shopping or like to take advantage of all the great events the city hosts.

St David's

But more and more cars clogging up the city centre streets can spoil the very place we’ve come in to enjoy. So, use park & ride at Cardiff East (CF23 8HH).

It makes a lot of sense - plenty of room to park and it only costs £4* if there is one person in a car or £5* if 2 or more people are in the car. The shuttle buses will whisk you in to the city centre in about 18 minutes every 15 minutes.

They drop you off and pick you up again right in the heart of the city centre – what could be easier?

A car sharing facility has also been introduced. For more information please click here

The site is closed and locked after the last bus has arrived.

* £10 fare applies on event days (see 'Event Days' below)

where do you want to go?

Cardiff city centre
Cardiff Gate Business Park
UHW Heath Hospital

UHW Heath Hospital
Buses now run between the Park & Ride site and UHW Heath Hospital between 06:30 and 19:15 Monday - Friday (excluding Bank Holidays)
Park & Ride to the hospital costs £1 for hospital staff or £2 for visitors and patients.


How do I pay?
Pay the driver with cash when you board the bus, or pay via our mobile ticketing app - iff app.

Where do I catch the bus in the city centre?
The bus journey starts and ends on Churchill Way.

How much does it cost?
Park & Ride costs £4 or £5 per car depending on how many people are in the car, or £10 on event days. Early birds can Park & Ride for just £2 per car for 1 person or £3 for 2+ people 
before 08:30 (Monday-Friday)

How frequent is the service?
Buses run every 15 minutes 7 days a week. More buses will operate on event days with buses running into the city centre every 7/8 minutes.

How secure is the site?
The site is very secure with CCTV in use, and it is also manned throughout the day. 

Event days

Our X59 East Park & Ride service will be running on all Autumn International Rugby days at the Principality Stadium. Buses will run from East Park & Ride to Dumfries Place in the city centre on the following dates and times:

Date Last bus
from city centre
Site closes at £10 fare
applies from
Saturday 11 November  21:00 21:30  13:15
Saturday 18 November   19:00 19:30  11:00
Saturday 25 November   21:00 21:30  13:15
Saturday 2 December   19:00 19:30  11:00

The East Park & Ride site will close promptly at the times stated above. Overnight parking is not allowed on the Park & Ride site so please ensure you return to collect your car before the gates are locked.

 *early bird tickets are sold in minimum bundles of 5 on iffapp