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iff card

What's iff?

Whether you travel regularly or just now and again, this smartcard allows you to go by bus without having to pay with change each time. Simply ‘load’ money on your card - either when you first get on the bus, in our customer service centre on Sloper Road, in Cardiff Central Library or at PayPoint outlets - then choose whichever ticket option suits your needs. When it’s getting low just top it up the same way.

You can also purchase travel tickets online, but you'll need a different iff card to do this.  Find out more and apply here.

Click here to view our opening hours. 

Now you can purchase tickets online.  Find out more here.

 What are the benefits of an iff card?

  • free
  • secure
  • replacable (1st replacement free, others will incur a fee)

How does it work?

Topping-up/purchasing tickets on the bus or at our Customer Service Centres
When you first get on the bus, tell the driver the type of ticket you want.  Place your card on the reader.  The driver will deduct the amount from your card and issue you a ticket. Keep this with you at all times whilst travelling. Take the card from the reader and find a seat.

If you want to top up your card or buy a weekly ticket on the bus, place your money in the vault and ask the driver what you'd like to put on your card.

Iff cards can also be used as an electronic purse (e-purse), where credit is stored on your card until you wish to use it.  Cards can be topped up by £1, £2, £3, £4 or in multiples of £5 up to a maximum of £50. 

4 week and annual tickets can only be bought at one of our customer services points. We currently have an office at our depot on Sloper Road and a hub in Cardiff Central Library.

Exculsive e-purse ticket
Use money from your e-purse to buy a day ticket at the reduced price of £3.50 for adults or £2.30 for young persons in the Cardiff fare zone, £3.30 for adults or £2.10 for young persons in the Barry fare zone, or £4.70 for adults or £3.30 for young persons across the entire network.  Simply buy from the driver with credit from your e-purse.  The e-purse must have funds on it prior to travel.

Purchasing tickets online
You'll need to create an account and order a new iff card if you wish to buy tickets online.  Day, week and 4 week to go tickets can be purchased online for all fare zones, however the ticket type you choose to begin with will be the only type of ticket you'll be able to purchase.  Purchase tickets before 9pm for use the next day.

Find out more about online tickets here.

Terms and conditions

View our Terms and Conditions here

Please note, that young persons' iff cards will not work after the holder's 19th birthday and all tickets will expire.

iff extras

Now your iff card gives you a little bit extra. We've teamed up with companies around Cardiff to give you offers and discounts when you show your iff card. To find out who's involved click here.