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Contactless Payments


We’re trialling contactless payments on some routes and tickets.

From Thursday 25 May, buses operating routes baycar (service 6), 27, 57 and 58 will be able to accept payment using your Contactless bank card for some of our tickets 

You will be able to purchase single (including short-hops), day tickets, route 57/58 return tickets or night bus return tickets from the driver using contactless.  At this time for weekly tickets or topping up your iff card you will still need to pay using cash on the bus.

To make a contactless payment simply: 
1) Tell the driver which ticket you’d like to buy
2) When prompted, place your payment card on the card reader.  It’s best to take your card out of your wallet/purse so there isn’t any interference with other payment cards.  
3) The green light will show if your card has been accepted. 
4) Wait for your ticket to be printed and keep it with you at all times whilst travelling and this will act as your receipt for any future reference.  You won’t need to use your card again, or tap out as you’ll already have your paper ticket.   
5) Take a seat and enjoy your journey with us.


What is a contactless payment card?
Many credit and debit cards can now be used for contactless payments where card holders can pay for products or services by simply touching their card on a reader rather than type in their pin number.

How do I know if my card is contactless?
If your card has the symbol shown below, it can be used for contactless payments.  If you’ve recently received a new debit or credit card you may need to make a payment using the chip and pin before making any contactless payments. 

Will contactless payment be rolled out across other routes?
If this trial is a success we’ll look to make this payment method available on all routes and more ticket types in due course  

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